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Ransomed Dreams...

Out of the national tragedy of September 11, 2001 came a literal dream that wouldn’t let go. It included FBI characters and a deep desire to give tribute to the agents who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to see our country both protected and healed. This story also required me to walk through my greatest fear, that of losing my precious children. These two different plot lines converged to create my first novel, Ransomed Dreams.

As I began plotting this book, God brought into my path a federal agent who just happened to be married to a writer. Both Jack and his wife met with me and together we brainstormed a story originally titled The Journey. Through the initial writing and a few years of editing, one major theme rose to the top… forgiveness.

As I wrote about Gracie’s struggle to forgive the person who killed her family, I looked at the pictures of my children on my desk and wrestled with forgiving people in my past who nearly succeeded in destroying my family. But Steven’s battle with forgiving himself struck even closer to home. Growing up in an alcoholic family I learned early that type A behavior had its rewards. Now an adult, I see that the same behavior that helped me survive stands in opposition to trusting Christ and walking with Him at peace. Through writing Steven’s personal and professional struggles, God shined the light on my prideful living where I demanded perfection of myself and failed miserably. In God’s amazing grace, He also gave me a clear picture of the peace gained from setting others and myself free from the perfection treadmill.

Forgiveness is in no way an easy process. But my prayer for readers of Ransomed Dreams is that they will see the healing power of forgiveness played out in the pages of the book in a way that they can transfer to their own walk with the Lord.



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