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Enduring Justice ...

Of all three books in the Defenders of Hope series, this one was by far the most difficult to write. Maybe because I’m still grappling with the issues Michael Parker and Hanna Kessler faced. Especially the intersection of justice and grace.

One reason this book was hard to write was because it dealt with a subject that has touched my life as it has so many other people. Child sexual abuse. I shared my story of date rape in the book The Choices Teens Make. And I’ve talked with many hurting people whose lives have also been shattered by that pain. Enduring Justice grew out of my journey where I’ve come to see He is the one who puts shattered lives, hearts, and people back together again.

The path of healing is a tough road. It hurts. But there are people in real life—like there were people walking alongside the characters in Enduring Justice —who will share the journey and lighten the load with their presence and prayers. I prayed for people who would understand and point me in the right direction. God provided some amazing counselors, church leaders, and friends who’ve made this road doable because they’ve consistently reminded me it’s God who is my Sanctuary, my Strength, my Hope, and my Healer. He’s yours, too.

My prayer is that readers who identify with Hanna’s story and Michael’s deep need for justice will seek and find the help they long for through the God who longs to heal them.




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