Defenders of Hope


Who am I? What a sweeping question. Listing some of the hats I wear— wife, homeschool mom, writer, speaker, Bible study teacher, chocoholic— might give a little insight into who I am. But then again, that’s only a small snapshot.

Going deeper, I’d have to say that I'm married to an awesome, incredibly good-looking, and God-honoring man. Together we homeschool three amazing daughters. Some of my favorite moments are the ones I spend laughing, reading, and being goofy with my family.

In my spare time, I love writing stories, teaching teenagers, scrapbooking, playing basketball, and taking walks with my family. The beach is my all-time favorite place to be. Chocolate is my favorite food. I collect teddy bears, tons of books, and dust on my furniture.

But getting to the heart of who I am can be summed up in a few short words. I’m a daughter of the King learning to live and love with laughter. My greatest passion in life is to know God and show others how He heals hearts and how they can glorify God by enjoying Him forever.

That’s why I write, teach, kiss my kiddos, watch sunsets, and keep trying again when I fail.

My prayer is that you too will find your passion and live fully the story God has placed you in.


Amy Wallace

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Defenders of Hope

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