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Take a fun field trip to learn about FBI dogs and safety tips, play games, and dress Bobby Bureau for an undercover assignment.

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It’s often been said children are our future and our most valuable asset. They’re also incredible blessings from God. Ones we as parents want to protect. On this page you’ll find websites, safety tips, articles and statistics to help you as parents be armed with the knowledge and practical strategies to help keep your children safe.

We’ll start with the first and most important thing we can do as parents— pray with and for our children.

Please join with me in praying for our children…


You are good and You are the Perfect Parent we so desperately need. We know in our heads that You love us and You love our children. We also know we live in a dangerous world where it’s hard not to worry and difficult to release our little ones into Your care. Daddy, open our eyes to the truth. Help us see Your hand of protection and call out to You. Father, protect our children. Put your angels around about them. Protect our children’s hearts, spirits, minds, and bodies. Teach us to teach our children about You, how to run to You, and how to live in this world keeping their hands clinging to Yours. Thank You for Your promises of protection and for your warnings that in this world we will have trouble, but You have overcome this world. And You will never leave us or forsake us. Help us as parents experience Your love and rest in Your arms as we entrust You with the children You have given us for such a time as this.

In Jesus Name we pray. Amen

Prayer Resource

The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian. This book covers a multitude of topics to help you express your heart to God about your precious children.

Websites to Visit as a Family
Take a fun field trip to learn about FBI dogs and safety tips, play games, and dress Bobby Bureau for an undercover assignment. K-12th grade.
Interactive website about keeping kids and teens safer on the internet. Created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Teaching Resources
The Yello Dyno is a non-fearful, musically-based, anti-victimization education program for arming educators and parents with the curricula and products needed to teach children (ages 4-12) how to avoid becoming victims. There is also a great website page for parents that includes 5 simple steps to safer kids. And a page full of relevant statistics and research to remind us how vital it is to educate ourselves and teach our children ways to stay safe.
Website founded by Julie Clark and John Walsh featuring award-winning products to teach your children to stay safe.

Websites for Parents
Everything from tips to teach children, information on blog and internet safety to kidnapping "what to do if" resources.
America's Most Wanted informative page about missing children.
A great resource to learn about the FBI's Crimes Against Children Program. 
Information and statistics to help parents be in the know about the problem of child violence and ways to stay safe.
A free service provides the number of sexual predators in your neighborhood. If you wish, you can then purchase the National Alert Registry service, which includes a detailed map of your neighborhood and the locations and backgrounds or the registered sex offenders.
A resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to report child exploitation, a missing child, or information concerning a missing child.



Parent Tip

We were always told that there should be a secret code word that the children are taught. If anyone can't repeat the codeword, then the child is told never to go with that matter what they are told.

- Submitted by Lee

When you have to leave a young child in a nursery, make sure that something on your clothing matches the child’s clothing. A mom could embroider a certain heart, animal, flower, dinosaur, etc, on a child’s pocket that matches something she wears or carries, such as a sweater, purse, hanky, or funky hat. New nursery workers can be assured that whoever picks up a child is the right one if he or she matches a unique motif. The same thing at a store or other public function. If a child gets separated, the security will know that whoever picks up the child is the right one if they have the same unusual decoration.

- Submitted by Andee S. Davis

Tell the child to stay in a group of people. He should never allow himself to be alone.

- Submitted by Rachelle Arlin Credo

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